Case Study

Capturiant offers a scalable, low-cost platform that broadens access to the carbon market by integrating Measurement, Reporting, and Validation processes and directly linking credits to environmental projects. This provides clear insights into project impacts in support of global sustainability goals.


Ensure global carbon markets fund impactful environmental projects that aid businesses in achieving their sustainability objectives. Ultimately this will accelerate global efforts in combating climate change by aligning economic incentives with environmental stewardship. To achieve this mission, Capturiant leverages Hedera to tokenize carbon credits, underpinning the growth of a transparent, accessible, and efficient marketplace that funds projects with clear regenerative goals.

Carbon Project Integrity

The Guardian Ecosystem enables ALLCOT to create a standardized project development framework that fosters trust, transparency and compatibility across all project stakeholders. This ensures the creation of high-integrity projects while maximizing benefits for local communities.
The Guardian Ecosystem facilitates the fulfillment of methodology standards, validation body requirements, project developer needs, and community expectations, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and transparency of the project

Value chain transparency

ALLCOT stakeholders benefit from access to accurate and comprehensive information on Hedera Guardian’s public ledger, leveraging a common set of rules and standards, fostering trust and accountability. 

Full financial accountability

Transparently demonstrating how project resources are allocated on the public ledger enables ALLCOT’s stakeholders to comprehend the full scope of a project's efforts, flow of funds, and impact.

Equitable revenue distribution

By recording the transaction cost at every stage of a project's progress, resulting carbon credits can be priced to maximize revenue distribution back to the local community.

Accurate and efficient verification

By utilizing Hedera Guardian’s digital ledger, ALLCOT is able to minimize accounting errors, make auditing more open and efficient, and enable a more equitable emergence of verification and validation partners.

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting

The Hedera Guardian Ecosystem establishes a secure chain of data custody, particularly in the case of drone-captured information for origination purposes. This enables ALLCOT to ensure that all project data remains intact, trustworthy and accurately tethered to each project attribute.

Automated reporting compliance

By ensuring that data provided aligns with the necessary frameworks, the Guardian helps meet specific industry needs and standards, while ensuring compliance with multiple reporting requirements.

Future-proof growth

ALLCOT is focused on creating products that surpass the limitations of conventional methods, shifting towards more advanced and efficient approaches to future sustainability markets. 

Single source of truth for interoperability

The Guardian serves as a single source of truth, ensuring that policies and rules are standardized and compatible with other sustainability market actors. This enables ALLCOT to align financing through carbon forwards and the structuring of green bonds seamlessly across various entities within the ecosystem

Common language for communicating benefits

The adoption of a common taxonomy within Guardian enables ALLCOT to establish a standardized language for discussing and addressing various sustainability issues. This fosters better communication and alignment for more effective and cohesive climate action.

Forge new growth pathways

By leveraging the flexibility and adaptability of Guardian, ALLCOT has the ability to provide various pathways for different stakeholders as the sustainability market evolves.

Ecosystem impact

The Hedera Guardian Ecosystem operates as a common good, providing services to the entire ecosystem without an extractive fee-based model. 

ALLCOT leverages the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem to build on and integrate various services and initiatives already established by other community members. This creates an aligned, streamlined ecosystem of sustainability market actors that avoids duplication to serve the needs of communities, investors, and project developers.

Meeting the needs of the global sustainability market

Existing carbon markets face ongoing issues of a lack of transparency, accessibility and liquidity, preventing them from scaling to effectively meet global climate targets. Capturiant helps users overcome these barriers, providing an efficient marketplace that both facilitates the trade of carbon credits and ensures the integrity and impact of sustainability investments for all participants in the ecosystem.

Seamless MRV

By leveraging Guardian technology, Capturiant provides seamless interaction between MRV providers. This enables real-time, transparent, and simplified collaboration among carbon project stakeholders to remove previous barriers. This leads to faster onboarding of carbon projects, enhanced market scalability, streamlining carbon project lifecycles, certification, and trading.

Transparency and Traceability

By leveraging Hedera, Capturiant ensures that all carbon credits are transparent and traceable, fostering trust and market integrity. Guardian handles the finality of data pertinent to the projects and credits themselves and uses the Hedera Token Service to provide a transparent audit trail so buyers can ensure that what they are buying is 100% authentic.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Capturiant is designed to be user-friendly, opening up the carbon credit market to a broader range of participants, including smaller investors and businesses that traditionally may have been excluded.

User-friendly interfaces promote inclusivity, and interoperability ensures seamless market participation. This positions Capturiant as a leader in the modernization of environmental market trading.

Streamlined onboarding experience

Capturiant is designed to provide project developers with an alternative solution for their project, allowing them to be up on a registry in roughly 30 business days or less. The Capturiant platform guides both new and existing project developers through an easy process of registering, validating, and verifying their project. Using the Hedera Hashgraph for carbon credit minting, project developers can then list their projects on either a forward or spot basis within the marketplace. 

Liquidity and Market Efficiency

Capturiant exchange platform facilitates the efficient trading of tokenized carbon credits, offering liquidity and seamless transactions, which are essential for a healthy market.

Standardization and Compliance

Capturiant work to ensure that all carbon credits traded on their platform comply with international standards, providing a reliable marketplace for buyers and sellers. Due diligence and record-keeping procedures are maintained to a high standard and stakeholders can assess the impact of their investments and the overall effectiveness of the sustainability projects they support.

Value for the whole ecosystem

Capturiant leverages Hedera DLT’s transparency and accessibility to bring value to the full carbon credit value chain. Governments gain a transparent tool for tracking and encouraging sustainable practices; auditors receive accurate data for validation; companies benefit from a robust market to meet their ESG goals;  and the public gets a clear view of the real-world impact of sustainability efforts.

Building for long term success

Capturiant leveraged Hedera DLT’s prowess in handling high-volume, enterprise-grade applications that make it a fitting backbone for this ambitious project. In choosing a DLT that amplifies sustainability, transparency, and efficiency, Hedera's unparalleled performance, low transaction fees and robust ESG ecosystem present the ideal alignment with their vision.

Capturiant is proud to work with Guardian’s ecosystem of partners: