Case Study

Evercity automates the management, issuance, and monitoring of sustainable finance. Everycity makes it easier, cheaper, and more transparent for banks, funds, corporates, and SMEs.

Evercity – a green debt and carbon origination platform – issues digital, fully traceable environmental assets, including carbon credits and green bonds.


Make climate finance accessible to all by providing a streamlined platform that attracts impact-oriented partners and project financiers from around the world. Evercity is leveraging the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem’s open distributed-ledger technology (DLT) to achieve this mission.

Carbon Project Integrity

The Guardian Ecosystem enables ALLCOT to create a standardized project development framework that fosters trust, transparency and compatibility across all project stakeholders. This ensures the creation of high-integrity projects while maximizing benefits for local communities.
The Guardian Ecosystem facilitates the fulfillment of methodology standards, validation body requirements, project developer needs, and community expectations, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and transparency of the project

Value chain transparency

ALLCOT stakeholders benefit from access to accurate and comprehensive information on Hedera Guardian’s public ledger, leveraging a common set of rules and standards, fostering trust and accountability. 

Full financial accountability

Transparently demonstrating how project resources are allocated on the public ledger enables ALLCOT’s stakeholders to comprehend the full scope of a project's efforts, flow of funds, and impact.

Equitable revenue distribution

By recording the transaction cost at every stage of a project's progress, resulting carbon credits can be priced to maximize revenue distribution back to the local community.

Accurate and efficient verification

By utilizing Hedera Guardian’s digital ledger, ALLCOT is able to minimize accounting errors, make auditing more open and efficient, and enable a more equitable emergence of verification and validation partners.

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting

The Hedera Guardian Ecosystem establishes a secure chain of data custody, particularly in the case of drone-captured information for origination purposes. This enables ALLCOT to ensure that all project data remains intact, trustworthy and accurately tethered to each project attribute.

Automated reporting compliance

By ensuring that data provided aligns with the necessary frameworks, the Guardian helps meet specific industry needs and standards, while ensuring compliance with multiple reporting requirements.

Future-proof growth

ALLCOT is focused on creating products that surpass the limitations of conventional methods, shifting towards more advanced and efficient approaches to future sustainability markets. 

Single source of truth for interoperability

The Guardian serves as a single source of truth, ensuring that policies and rules are standardized and compatible with other sustainability market actors. This enables ALLCOT to align financing through carbon forwards and the structuring of green bonds seamlessly across various entities within the ecosystem

Common language for communicating benefits

The adoption of a common taxonomy within Guardian enables ALLCOT to establish a standardized language for discussing and addressing various sustainability issues. This fosters better communication and alignment for more effective and cohesive climate action.

Forge new growth pathways

By leveraging the flexibility and adaptability of Guardian, ALLCOT has the ability to provide various pathways for different stakeholders as the sustainability market evolves.

Ecosystem impact

The Hedera Guardian Ecosystem operates as a common good, providing services to the entire ecosystem without an extractive fee-based model. 

ALLCOT leverages the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem to build on and integrate various services and initiatives already established by other community members. This creates an aligned, streamlined ecosystem of sustainability market actors that avoids duplication to serve the needs of communities, investors, and project developers.

Increase equity and accessibility

Evercity directly tackles the complexity associated with sustainable finance markets, making it easy for stakeholders in developing countries to engage and thrive.

Provision of upfront financing

Evercity provides upfront financing in the form of forward purchase contracts, by connecting with Guardian Ecosystem partners like Solid World. These tools enable early stage projects to access capital and ensure projects have the resources they need to drive on-the-ground impact. 

Support complex relationship building

By utilizing a single platform that connects projects with finance, consultants, project developers, and auditors, Evercity streamlines collaboration for enhanced project efficiency.

Ongoing guidance

Evercity supports project developers by providing ongoing guidance on selecting standards, assisting in creating the necessary documents, and evaluating project feasibility.

Streamline project processes

Evercity leverages the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem of aligned partners and services to reduce the complex and lengthy procedures normally associated with sustainability projects.

Streamlining project conceptualization

By accessing Hedera Guardian’s digital methodology library, specific carbon standards can be understood and followed. This simplifies the initial stages of project development, increasing successful partnerships with project developers.

Integrating liquidity pools & marketplaces

The Hedera Guardian Ecosystem allows Evercity to integrate with platforms such as Solid World and the Tolam Earth marketplace. Collaborations like these ensure liquidity for project stakeholders and offer investors the opportunity to trade and purchase carbon forwards.

Determining project fit

Evercity streamlines the collaboration between auditors, consultants and projects operating in the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem, making it easier for them to communicate and determine if a project is a good fit for an end buyer.

Ecosystem Compatibility

The Guardian creates compatibility across an ever-growing ecosystem of partners, granting seamless access to a comprehensive climate finance market place.

Enhance trust and transparency

Evercity uses Hedera Guardian to track and provide transparency at all stages of carbon project development, ensuring that resulting credits and other sustainability instruments are legitimate and reliable.

Value chain transparency

The Guardian functions as a trust layer, enabling the creation of common rules for the benefit of all. By using an open ledger, Evercity users have access to accurate and comprehensive information, fostering trust and accountability.

Open-source knowledge base

The Guardian enables users to explore, share, add to and develop open source methodologies, accelerating the advancement and impact of sustainability markets.

Comprehensive project monitoring & reporting

The Guardian establishes a secure chain of custody for data. Integration with KrypC, Envision, and other Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) entities ensures real-time monitoring and reporting of project progress.

Automated project data collection

By directly integrating with MRV providers, the Guardian enables efficient and automated data collection, analysis and reporting, crucial for maintaining compliance and accountability standards.

Evercity will continue their work with the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem

Reliable innovation partner

The Guardian provides a framework that enables Evercity to design and execute all the necessary steps and actions more efficiently, without significant investment in blockchain R&D.

Easy integration

By leveraging the Guardian, Evercity benefits from open-source components and the ability to easily integrate with other ecosystem members to share progress, contribute insights and collaborate.

Cost effective solutions

The Guardian offers low-code or no-code features, which save time and money by reducing the need for expensive blockchain developers.

Low carbon blockchain

Evercity is proud to leverage the Hedera blockchain, on which the Guardian platform is built, as a carbon-negative technology with a unique focus on sustainable finance. 

Evercity are proud to work with Guardian’s ecosystem of partners: