Innovative NFT Collection Bridges Art and Blockchain Research

Titled "Slow Shifts - Liberty 3D Model," the NFT series encapsulates a 3D model that can be integrated into real-world settings via augmented reality. It artistically interprets the comparative energy consumption of different blockchain systems, including Hedera, Solana, and Ethereum, using the Statue of Liberty as a relatable scale.
In this visually stunning and thought-provoking piece, if Hedera HBAR's energy use is likened to the width of Lady Liberty's eye, then, strikingly, Bitcoin's consumption soars to 5.5 times her entire height. Such powerful imagery is poised to spark conversations on the sustainability of blockchain technologies.

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Exploring the Future: NFTs, Blockchain, and Sustainable Innovation

The DSF, renowned for advancing blockchain education and innovation, has proudly acquired an edition of this NFT. The transaction for this purchase is transparently recorded on the blockchain, exemplifying the foundation's motto, "Building trust, discovering truth."The collection, available on, represents a unique collaboration that underscores DSF's commitment to a more transparent world through the power of distributed ledger technology.By integrating AR with NFTs, SUNGRAZERS and DSF are not only promoting digital art but also emphasizing the critical discourse on blockchain's environmental impact. The NFT, which was released on August 2, 2023, has

been made available to collectors, curators, and blockchain enthusiasts alike, inviting them to engage with a new dimension of digital expression that is both meaningful and transformative. For more information on the research inspiring this collection, please visit the DSF's summary at its official website. At DLT Earth, we congratulate SUNGRAZERS, for having demonstrated their dedication to marrying art with purpose, delivering a powerful message on the state of blockchain technology and its footprint on our planet.