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Jellyfish helps sustainability projects establish unchallengeable data lineages by aggregating raw data in a simple, transparent, verifiable and standardised manner. By facilitating communication between project developers and asset buyers regarding this data, funders can better discern which projects make real impacts and should be funded.


Make sustainability projects more transparent and desirable to buyers, aiding communities in the global South to address societal inequalities.

Carbon Project Integrity

The Guardian Ecosystem enables ALLCOT to create a standardized project development framework that fosters trust, transparency and compatibility across all project stakeholders. This ensures the creation of high-integrity projects while maximizing benefits for local communities.
The Guardian Ecosystem facilitates the fulfillment of methodology standards, validation body requirements, project developer needs, and community expectations, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and transparency of the project

Value chain transparency

ALLCOT stakeholders benefit from access to accurate and comprehensive information on Hedera Guardian’s public ledger, leveraging a common set of rules and standards, fostering trust and accountability. 

Full financial accountability

Transparently demonstrating how project resources are allocated on the public ledger enables ALLCOT’s stakeholders to comprehend the full scope of a project's efforts, flow of funds, and impact.

Equitable revenue distribution

By recording the transaction cost at every stage of a project's progress, resulting carbon credits can be priced to maximize revenue distribution back to the local community.

Accurate and efficient verification

By utilizing Hedera Guardian’s digital ledger, ALLCOT is able to minimize accounting errors, make auditing more open and efficient, and enable a more equitable emergence of verification and validation partners.

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting

The Hedera Guardian Ecosystem establishes a secure chain of data custody, particularly in the case of drone-captured information for origination purposes. This enables ALLCOT to ensure that all project data remains intact, trustworthy and accurately tethered to each project attribute.

Automated reporting compliance

By ensuring that data provided aligns with the necessary frameworks, the Guardian helps meet specific industry needs and standards, while ensuring compliance with multiple reporting requirements.

Future-proof growth

ALLCOT is focused on creating products that surpass the limitations of conventional methods, shifting towards more advanced and efficient approaches to future sustainability markets. 

Single source of truth for interoperability

The Guardian serves as a single source of truth, ensuring that policies and rules are standardized and compatible with other sustainability market actors. This enables ALLCOT to align financing through carbon forwards and the structuring of green bonds seamlessly across various entities within the ecosystem

Common language for communicating benefits

The adoption of a common taxonomy within Guardian enables ALLCOT to establish a standardized language for discussing and addressing various sustainability issues. This fosters better communication and alignment for more effective and cohesive climate action.

Forge new growth pathways

By leveraging the flexibility and adaptability of Guardian, ALLCOT has the ability to provide various pathways for different stakeholders as the sustainability market evolves.

Ecosystem impact

The Hedera Guardian Ecosystem operates as a common good, providing services to the entire ecosystem without an extractive fee-based model. 

ALLCOT leverages the Hedera Guardian Ecosystem to build on and integrate various services and initiatives already established by other community members. This creates an aligned, streamlined ecosystem of sustainability market actors that avoids duplication to serve the needs of communities, investors, and project developers.

To achieve this, Jellyfish uses Hedera’s distributed ledger technology, specifically the Consensus Service and the Guardian, to bring trustworthy data management to project developers at very low cost with minimal infrastructure.

Scaling transparent, accessible markets
To scale at the pace required, global sustainability markets require reduced project costs and greater transparency and verifiability of data lineages. 

Increased transparencyJellyfish addresses the need for greater transparency and verifiability of impact data enabling faster and cheaper validation and verification by storing all data transfers, transformations and aggregations on an open, public ledger. This in tur

Simple, equitable solution
Jellyfish's solution is very simple to implement, very easy to understand, very easy to audit, and very affordable. This makes their technology accessible to all project developers - large and small. Jellyfish also enables greater automation of many critical data events which are traditionally handled manually. 

Scalable, sustainable innovation
Jellyfish chose to build this solution on Hedera because it is the most environmentally-friendly public ledger available, with very low transaction fees.

Case study: Digital Brickstar
The test implementation of this technology is a small project called Digital Brickstar which is based on Nova’s Brickstar stove that aims to help rural, low-income, wood-using households in South Africa to use less wood when making fires.

Using Jellyfish to bring the entire data lineage of an improved cookstove project to the public ledger, the project's first Guardian-generated impact tokens will be minted on the Hedera mainnet early in 2024.

It will be among the first real-time monitored improved cookstove projects with a transparent, reproducible and publicly verifiable data lineage on a distributed ledger.

This test implementation will refine the methods and technology that will enable cookstove projects to make benefits more transparent and verifiable and to shorten monitoring/issuance cycles, thereby improving cash flow. 

Jellyfish is proud to work with Hedera's ecosystem of partners: