Join the Movement: The DLT Climate Hackathon Launches

At DLT Earth, we are thrilled to launch this groundbreaking event. This hackathon, organised by the DLT Science Foundation (DSF) in partnership with The HBAR Foundation (THF) Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF), is a unique opportunity for you, the climate enthusiasts and innovators, to actively engage in shaping the future of climate change mitigation using the powerful Hedera Guardian technology.

Objectives of the Hackathon:

Our primary goal is to leverage Hedera Guardian to enhance climate accountability. This hackathon challenges participants to create digital methodologies that can significantly improve the measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) of climate data. By doing so, we aim to advance the integrity and efficacy of sustainable finance, climate project methodologies, and ESG reporting, contributing to a more transparent and accountable environmental ecosystem.

Resources and Tools:

To support your journey in the hackathon, we provide a range of resources:

- Guardian Github
- Guardian Documentation
- Guardian Webinar
- Hedera Docs (includes instructions for testnet access)
- Hedera Github
- Hedera HTS docs
- Hedera Consensus Service Whitepaper
- Hedera Fee Calculator
- The Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm Explained
- Managed Guardian Service Documentation
- Youtube Video: Creating Policies for the Guardian

Community Engagement:

An integral part of this hackathon is our dedicated Discord channel, a space for you to collaborate, share progress, and seek support from fellow participants and our team. We strongly encourage active participation in this community to enhance your hackathon experience.

Towards a More Sustainable and Transparent World

Your participation in the DLT Climate Hackathon is not just about technological innovation; it's about being part of a movement towards a more sustainable and transparent world. We are on the brink of revolutionising how we understand, track, and combat climate change, and your contributions are invaluable in this endeavour.

Don’t wait any longer. Join us in this remarkable journey to drive change. Register now, connect with fellow participants, and start making a difference today!

Register for the Hackathon here