Pioneering climate change solutions


Pioneering climate change solutions

At DLT Earth, we are driven by a powerful mission: to revolutionise the way we understand, track, and combat climate change. Founded through the collaborative efforts of the DLT Science Foundation (DSF) and The HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund, DLT Earth represents a global grant program dedicated to advancing climate research, sustainable finance, and ESG reporting methodologies.
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Our vision

We believe that a sustainable future is within reach, and through innovation and collaboration, we can make it a reality. Our vision is to lead the charge in transforming the world's approach to climate change by addressing five key goals:

Make climate finance auditable

Ensure climate finance transactions are easily verifiable, publicly transparent, and accurate.

Digitise & open source methodologies

Fund and encourage development of open source methodologies that lead to high quality assets.

Scale validation & verification

Scale validation and verification through the growth of existing verification bodies and new orgs in the global south.

Discover a global carbon price

Exploring the potential for a global carbon price to incentivise climate action through ARMMs and exchanges.

Make sustainability reporting credible

Developing standards for sustainability reporting to ensure credibility and accuracy using Guardian-based assets.

Guardian Analytics

powered by the Managed Guardian Service

Join us in the climate revolution

We invite researchers, innovators, and organisations worldwide to join us in this critical mission. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come. Explore our initiatives, partner collaborations, and groundbreaking projects as we work towards a healthier, more resilient planet.
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